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What is Hotel Classification?

Many entities, both from inside and outside the tourism industry, rate hotels according to a star classification system and advertise such rating without relying on any official classification system.

In 2012 The Israel Ministry of tourism decided to renew the hotel rating system.

On 14.8.2012, the Knesset Committee for Economy affairs approved the Tourism Services (Hotels) Regulations 5773-2012, that set the rating procedures.

The European star classification system known as "Hotelstars" was chosen as the basis for the rating system, adjustments have been made to meet the conditions in Israel – Kashrut laws, Shabbat, security and so on.

The system classifies hotels from one to five stars, with the option to receive additional rating star (+). The system consists of 270 criteria according to which the hotel is classified, including physical properties such as room size, lobby area, restaurants etc. and details of the quality of service provided in the hotel.


The text as written in this website is for information purposes only. Please refer to the tourism services (hotels) Regulations 5773-2012 should you require further information.

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