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50 Fun Icebreakers for Office & Virtual Meetings 2024

They can help team members get to know each other better and create a relaxed atmosphere. Each person shares two true statements and one false statement about themselves, and the rest of the team tries to guess the lie. This game is a fun way to learn interesting facts about each other. While icebreakers can be beneficial, overusing them can lead to them losing their effectiveness. If every meeting starts with an icebreaker, participants may find it repetitive and boring. Scavenger hunts are fun icebreakers that promote quick thinking and build lasting memories.

You can use our integrations with Google Slides and PowerPoint to insert the poll directly into your slides. Story-telling is a great way to develop creativity and bond with team members.

So, what’s next?

Replace team check-in with emojis that best describe how are you feeling at the moment. You can even modify this to be how they feel the sprint went or project, etc. Take time to go over something you have failed during the week with your team.

Zoom backgrounds make meetings fun, but they don’t help people get to know each other very well. Location-specific photo challenges could start more personalized conversations because icebreakers for virtual meetings they’ll reveal new things about each coworker. Try one of these interactive icebreakers to enhance your next team video call, and start building stronger and more connected teams.

Short virtual icebreaker activities

So below, let’s look at 12 virtual icebreakers your team won’t hate. Have fun laughing and getting to know each other in new ways. It may seem challenging for everyone to play a workplace game if they’re remote employees, but these games make it easy to plan icebreaker entertainment for everyone. People sometimes feel awkward about chiming in during a meeting because they’re not together in person.

Zoom Icebreakers are activities, games, or questions designed to help warm up conversations in virtual meetings or events. These icebreakers can help break the awkwardness that is often felt in virtual meetings due to the lack of visual clues and a sense of connection with others. Icebreakers can help participants relax and create a lighter and more familiar atmosphere.

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